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Get to Know Us

Why We Do What We Do 

Agriculture isn't just a tradition it is the lifeblood of wide open spaces, healthy ecosystems, and a strong food supply chain.  We are fifth generation on this ranch in the prairies of South-Central Montana.  We love this lifestyle and want to see it preserved for generations to come.  The traditional cattle market has been a broken system for many decades, controlled by "The Big Four" meat packers who profiteer off of meat sales by charging the consumer top price while producers see pennies on the dollar.  The big packers import beef from other countries where regulations are lax and are able to repackage, and label it "Product of USA" further crippling American ranching families.  Watching this broken system motivated us to change our equation by diversifying our market and selling direct to the consumer, because what is better for us is better for you! 


The Story of our Name:  Tantrum Farms

  We were living in a house we had built new, fully landscaped, and paid off. It was next to the family ranch but still a 15 minute drive to the main shops.  When this property came up for sale it was 240 acres at the end of a county road, surrounded on 3 sides by the family ranch, and next to the ranch headquarters.  The current owner was planning to sell it to a real-estate developer if we weren't interested.

  We bought it after a lot of debate. I cried when we sold our old house. We moved into the mouse infested and dilapidated house on the new property and went to work clearing, cleaning, repairing, and replacing 50 years of neglect and abuse.  I cried a lot.

  When we decided to start selling beef direct we needed to figure out a name. My suggestions kept getting vetoed by Clint.  In desperation I said, "How about Tantrum Farms in honor of all the tears I cried when we moved here?" He liked it. I protested as it was only a joke but it stuck and I love it now too.