Get to Know Us

Montana black angus cattle

Why Our Beef is Better

We raise Black Angus cattle in the wide open prairies of South Central Montana for our family and yours. The quality, flavor, and tenderness cannot be matched by anything in the grocery store and we conveniently ship to your front door.

We fine tune our practices to be the best stewards of the land and ensure our cows are thriving. We keep our soil healthy because what is best for the plants is best for the cows and is best for you.

We allow our cows to be cows, raising them from birth to finish. We feed a finish ration of grains created by a nutritionist for optimal flavor and tenderness.

Our beef is dry aged 14-21 days and is never treated with antibiotics or hormones.

The ranch has a Step 4 certification from the Global Animal Partnership (GAP). We are audited annually to insure the highest standard of humane animal care is maintained.


The Story of Our Name:  Tantrum Farms

When we purchased this property we were living in a house we had built, fully landscaped, and paid off. It was next to the family ranch but still a 15 minute drive to the main shops.

Then this property came up for sale. It was 240 acres at the end of a county road, surrounded on 3 sides by the family ranch and a 2 minute drive to the shops. The current owner was also saying that a real estate developer had offered him top dollar for it.

We bought it after a lot of debate. I cried when we sold our other house. I cried even more when we moved into the mouse infested and dilapidated existing house. We went to work repairing and clearing out 50 years of garbage and mess until it was livable.

When we decided to start selling beef direct we needed to figure out a name. I had brainstormed dozens of names but Clint had vetoed them all. He's always been stubborn. In desperation I said, "How about Tantrum Farms in honor of all the tears I cried when we moved here?" He liked it. I told him I was only joking. Then it stuck. Good thing I love it now too.